At Christmas,
surprise those who
don't expect it.

And then let yourself be surprised.

The Marist Foundation offers you a Christmas with a double surprise.

Find out how, with our Christmas gifts, you can support thousands of vulnerable children around the world.

Choose your favorite gift and among them a surprise!

Christmas ball "Pachita"

to decorate your Christmas tree with the FMSI mascot.

African bag

Entirely handcrafted

Greeting Cards

Minimum order 10 pcs.

Local surprise crafts

Local crafts from the areas where the Marist works are active. (minimum 10 pcs.)


Also available in black color

Eyeglasses holder

Entirely handcrafted

Handcrafted Nativity decoration

to decorate your Christmas tree the FMSI illustrations.

Handcrafted Nativity

scenographies made entirely by hand + holy family.