We believe in a world where childhood is respected
and guaranteed, free from violence and fear, where children
are fully-fledged citizens and are recognized as active members
in their communities & society.


We act to develop the potential of children, especially those who are the most vulnerable and marginalized, through education, advocacy and solidarity initiatives.

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In a world where inequalities are increasing, we work to guarantee equal opportunities for all children, boys and girls, regarding access
to education and their universally recognized rights.


The will to serve, to act for the common good and to generate opportunities for all, especially
the most vulnerable and excluded are key.


We work at an international level
to give voice to those who have
no voice. We stand up for children
and assist communities
and decision-makers to defend children's rights in order to promote peaceful and inclusive societies.


We ensure that ALL children exercise their rights, regardless
of gender, ethnicity or religion.

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