FMSI – together with several organisations of the Marist Institute – published a letter expressing growing concern about the continuing fires in the tropical forests of Bolivia. FMSI recognises and strongly believes in the right of future generations to enjoy the Earth which is at the heart of Humanity’s history, culture and the social bonds of every generation and every individual. Each generation, in sharing in part the inheritance of the Earth, has a duty to steward it for future generations, to prevent irreversible damage to human freedom and dignity. The letter was signed by the “Secretariado de Solidaridad del Instituto”, the“Red Corazón Solidario”, the “Grupo Temático de Ecología Integral y Cuidado de la Casa Común”, the “Sector Marista Bolivia”, the “Consejo Estudiantil Marista” and the “Equipo Marista de Solidaridad Bolivia”. FMSI and the Marists Community in Bolivia wish to create channels for reflection and denunciation on the subject, especially because it is still a little known topic, despite the magnitude of the phenomenon that is causing serious environmental damage to Bolivia and, therefore, to our planet. But, as often happens, if a phenomenon occurs far away from us, we feel that it does not concern us. But it does affect all of us.

To read the letter, please click here.

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