Training of the school leaders and teachers in Masonga and Mwanza areas

In Tanzania, young people are among the population most affected by extreme poverty, HIV/AIDS, and unemployment, even among those completed their education. Conditions of poverty and unemployment lead to the constant increase of internal migratory flows from rural areas to the cities which are giving rise to disorganized urbanization characterized by a strong social fragility and urban crime.

It is important to invest in the training of young people by strengthening the current system of education and training to promote the growth of the country and the consequent well-being of the population

This project aims to train school principals and teachers in leadership and school management  to help create a quality school that is able to respond to the current challenges of training young people in Tanzania, encourage school inclusion of the poor and marginalized children and improve the financial sustainability of schools.

The project has among its participants the director and teachers from the Tanzanian schools in the areas of Mwanza and Masonga, and from some Marist schools in Kenya, Central Africa, RD of Congo and Rwanda. The training is done through residential seminars in the Marist school facilities of Mwanza and Masonga (Musoma area).

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