Development of technical education for the youth of Chichicastenango

The Technological Institute Kiché, ITEK (Instituto Tecnológico Kiché) has for many years offered technical education for the young people coming from Mayan K’iche’ indigenous groups in the sectors of Science and Letters, Computer Sciences, Administration, Electronics and Mechanics. The school, with its 494 students, is even more relevant if we consider that in the area of Chichicastenango 74.7% of the population lives in poverty, 41.8% in extreme poverty and 47,3 % of population is under 18 years.

The project, that has been co-financed by the Irish organization Misean Cara, provided the improvement of the Itek’s education facilities with the building of five new classrooms and laboratories for Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Electronics, English, and Art. These needs were identified in a collaborative process including students and teachers as direct beneficiaries, local authorities for the Ministry of Education, local businesses and social organizations. Through the new facilities, the school has improved the quality of education and meets the standard of the labor market.  This project promotes a quality education in the region with a special emphasis on making technical education accessible for girls.