New Horizons - Supporting disadvantaged youth in Western Hanoi

New Horizons is a multifaceted program for the promotion of the youth living in Hanoi suburban area. The project is located in the Quoc Oai district with a population of over 180,000 people of which 59% are people under 35. Historically, local income relied on agriculture but today the land for agricultural production has dramatically decreased due to the expansion of the city making alternative livelihood and employment necessary, especially for young people. New Horizons responds to this need by providing social and economic promotion of children and youth through educational activities, vocational training and leadership development.

English Learning and Teaching is the core of the program and helps children and young people to improve their English competency, skills and enhance their employability. The activity is carried out with the assistance of international volunteers with English as their mother tongue. New Horizons program has earned remarkable achievements and great recognition from local communities. Over 30 international volunteers have been placed in 5 local schools, serving over 5,000 children. The New Horizons Learning Center has also offered opportunities for 2,000 children in interactive learning and various exchange activities.