Emergency response to the COVID-19 pandemic

The project aims to provide food, soaps and sanitisers to the migrant and refugee families who are particularly in need during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, like many other countries, South Africa is on national lockdown. It is unfortunate that when such issues arise, as always, it is the most vulnerable communities on the move such as the poor, the refugees/migrant communities that will be affected the most, by the loss of income, lack of proper sanitation and lack of access to health care services.

The Three2Six project is an educational bridging program for refugee/migrant children in Johannesburg, South Africa. Because of the beneficiaries of the project who are mostly marginalised, vulnerable people from poor communities, the project also offers a feeding scheme. The project currently accommodates 225 refugee children and a further 300 are on the waiting list.

Many of the parents of our children are currently not earning an income during the lockdown, this means that families are under economic pressure. Therefore, access to first necessity items has become a real challenge for the project’s beneficiaries. This program ensures that children and their families, teachers and campus coordinators receive meals, soap and sanitiser during the lockdown.

The project provides food vouchers to the 238 families involved to ensure that all have food and can have a meal a day during the lockdown. A special attention has been taken to ensure that the vouchers are sent to a specific cell phone number with a code to ensure that only the person it is sent to can use and only to purchase food.

The project also provides soap and sanitisers to the families to ensure safe and healthy measures are practised. As a result of the rising demand of these items, the project is using a long-term trusted and proven factory to deliver these essentials at cost price.

We also address some of the psychosocial needs of the children and teachers weekly contact with each family. One of the purposes of this would be to talk about their fears and concerns, and to make sure their children do not feel alone.  When the children can return to school, the program staff will engage the Johannesburg Parent and Child Counselling Centre (JPCCC) to help debrief children.

Project main figures:

238 vulnerable families – migrants and refugees – receive food and improve their nutrition and stay healthy

238 vulnerable families receive soaps and sanitisers to improve hygiene standards.

For more information about the Three2Six project: websiteFacebookTwitterInstagram.