FMSI – in collaboration with the Secretariat of Solidarity, the Corazon Solidario Network and the NGO SED – provided an intermediate level training opportunity for Marists (religious and lay people) on Project Cycle Management (improving skills in project development, implementation, monitoring and reporting) in order to improve the effectiveness and sustainability of projects and the Marist Mission in general. FMSI works on initiatives aimed at strengthening the operational and governance skills necessary for effective strategic and project planning.

Aim of the project:

The specific objective of the course was to strengthen participants’ skills in project proposal preparation, project implementation and management, financial sustainability and fundraising planning in line with international requirements. The training included presentations, discussions, learning strategies and practical applications. The course, conducted through the Zoom platform, involved the use of materials that were uploaded to a shared folder for all participants to be used during and after the end of the course. It has been a great opportunity to share experiences, best practices and areas for improvement, share some practical tips and improve the impact of the projects implemented in Latin America and the Caribbean. The course was in its second edition and was aimed at those who participated in the first edition and those who, although they did not participate, had the necessary background knowledge for an intermediate level course.

The course was divided into five modules taught by five different trainers:

  1. The Logical Framework – Results, Indicators and Monitoring, delivered by Andrea Rossi, FMSI General Director
  2. Effective projects and sustainable projects – some practical examples, delivered by Maria Rita Pala from FMSI.
  3. The donor’s perspective – the requirements of funding agencies to approve a proposal, delivered by Patricia Ynoñan Garcia, Mentor of Misean Cara
  4. Project budget and financial monitoring, delivered by Marcello Romagnoli from FMSI.
  5. Narrative reporting and accountability to funders, delivered by Lucia and Maria from SED.


The goal of the Project is to strengthen participants’ skills in project proposal preparation, project implementation and management, financial sustainability, and fundraising planning.


  • 5 training modules
  • Direct beneficiaries: 50 members of the Network Corazon Solidario
  • 2 Marists NGOs in charge of implementation: FMSI and SED
  • 1 Secretariat of the Marist Institute in charge of implementation

SDG Goals: 4, 16, 17

Laudato Si’ Goals: 5, 7