The meeting on the protection of minors in the Church, promoted by Pope Francis, is takes place in the Vatican until February 24. The Superior General of the Marist Congregation, whom FMSI is part of, Br. Ernesto Sánchez, is among the participants as member of the Executive Council of the Unions of the Superiors General of the religious (USG) along with the previous Superior General, Br. Emili Turù, now secretary at USG.
More than 190 participants from the five continents are attending this meeting with the Pontiff, among them the presidents of the Episcopal Conferences and also the members of the executive councils of the International Union of the Superiors General (UISG).

On Tuesday, all the religious, through the UISG and the USG, released a joint statement, expressing their support for the Pope’s initiative:

“We need a diverse culture in the Church and in our society in a broad sense. We need to promote a culture where children are considered a treasure to be safeguarded and protected “

This declaration can only make FMSI proud, because we have always been fighting because the societies in which we implement our projects accept children for what they are: human beings with specific rights and needs.

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