To “forward articulation and exchange with external networks and with other civil and ecclesiastic institutions”: this is one of the strategies foreseen by the General Administration for the period 2017 – 2025.
It is from here that FMSI has continued to advance in partnership with the International Catholic Office for the Child (BICE). Between the 28th and 30th of January the Administration Meeting took place in Paris. One of the most significant points was the definition of the strategic Plan 2019 – 2022. It means to highlight the thematic priorities which are: education, prevention of sexual abuse and resilience.

BICE consists of a wide network of Catholic organizations that work particularly in France, Latin America, Eastern Europe, francophone Africa and Asia.
The coordination with the Marist Institute, through FMSI, has helped build alliances among organizations interested in promoting the rights of the child (Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Guatemala). Resilience tutors have done programmes for places such as Lebanon, Syria, Andalusia (Spain), Haiti and will do one in South Africa in February.
This is a very concrete form of continuing to promote the rights of the child together with others throughout the world.

left to right: Br. Nestor Anaya, FSC – Prof. Cristina Castelli (Università Cattolica di Milano) – Br. Alvaro Sepùlveda, FMS – Olivier Duval, BICE President

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