Marist School in Sabin-Akrofrom

The Marist Preparatory/Junior High School was established in 1998 in Sabin-Akrofrom to allow access to quality education for children and young people coming from poor families in the area who can’t afford to send their children to school in the city. Over the years, the school has reached 1067 students, male and female, from nursery to junior high school.

The Institute is recognized by the Ministry of Education and has an excellent reputation for the didactic results of its students. The school did not have a science laboratory so the students could only study sciences at a theoretical level.  After their diploma, students had difficulties in continuing university studies in Sciences and to adapt the needs of the labor market which increasingly requires expertise in the scientific field.  The students are deprived of an educational component that is indispensable to their socio-economic development in the short/medium term.

The establishment of this project benefits 700 students from the 4th primary to Junior High School.  The whole facility of the Marist Preparatory/Junior High School is now considered a highly effective educational center in offering support to boys and girls living in remote and rural areas.

In the geographical area where the Marist school is located, there are no other facilities that provide a practical space for study of science. The school makes available the science laboratory for teachers of other schools for giving specific lessons for their students.