Marist College Immaculée Conception

The Collège Immaculée Conception in Antsirable is a highly effective educational center that has been created for the education of the Malagasy youth, boys and girls, in disadvantaged socio-economic conditions. The school boasts an excellent reputation for the educational results achieved and has more than 1.000 students.

The college has 7 infrastructural blocks with classrooms, logistic and administrative facilities.  The school structures are not enough to host the large number of young people who want to attend the school and to offer learning facilities like computer rooms and a library.

The construction of a new block will make it possible to use almost all the existing blocks as teaching rooms, to have multimedia services and a library, as well as to offer students the opportunity to eat indoors. The new two-story block to be built will consist of administrative offices, a cafeteria, a library, a conference/meeting room and computer rooms. The administrative offices will allow better management of the large school population, while having facilities such as a cafeteria, multipurpose room and computer rooms will benefit students through improving the learning environment.

Thanks to the support of the Italian Bishops’ Conference (Conferenza Episcopale Italiana- CEI) and the collaboration of FMSI, it’s possible to build a new school block that will allow the better use of existing classrooms and the adequate provision of training services that will promote a better learning from boys and girls.