COVID-19 Solidarity - Assistance to fragile elderlies in Aleppo

The project aims at setting up a food assistance program through the diary distribution of meals to 100 elderly people of Aleppo.

As the Syrian crisis enters its tenth year the humanitarian situation remains very difficult. Millions of people have been displaced from their homes and those who remain are struggling to access sufficient food and basic health services. The cost of living is very expensive; Unemployment reaches 50% of the population, 75 % of the families live under the poverty threshold and survive thanks to aids provided by several NGOs. Elderly people are among the most affected in this crisis: in the last 9 years, millions of Syrian migrated or took refuge in neighbouring countries. Most of them were young adults. Many parents, mainly elderly, were left alone without the presence and the assistance of their children. They manage to survive.

With the covid-19 epidemic and the preventive measures to limit the spread of the disease, many people are left alone and have not the means to have food because they are old, bedridden, sick or very poor. The majority of them suffer depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.

The project consists of preparing hot meals in the Marist center and distributing them with bread and a fruit daily to these vulnerable people. The volunteers will go to the places where live the elderly people to give the meals and assist them in other needs.  Through this project we want to demonstrate our solidarity with them and let them feel that they are not abandoned and not alone.

The project staff has been selected among the beneficiaries of other Blue Marists’ programs: 5 displaced women who are good in cooking and a man who take care of the shopping of the alimentary products. These 6 people work under the supervision of Mrs. Leyla Antaki Moussalli, one of the 3 leaders of the Blue Marists.

Project main figures:

100 vulnerable elderly people, 70 women and 30 men, received daily meals and are assisted in their needs.

1 food assistance program has been established in Alep specifically addressed to elderly people

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Photos: Frères Maristes d’Alep