In recent months, FMSI has launched a fund raiser for the Syrian emergency in favor of the evacuated children of Afrin.

Ghazaleh fled with her family from Afrin, invaded by the Turks last spring, covering 50 kilometers to reach Aleppo. Since the war broke out in Syria, she has not been able to study and now lives with her family in a tent in the refugee camp.

Her name means Gazelle and in this picture we see her with her family and Georges Sabé. She is wearing a red shirt while Sabé is wearing the typical blue shirt that gives the Marist Brothers their nickname of ‘Blue Marists’. They are the ones who did not want to leave Syria and have stayed since the beginning of the conflict to bring help and hope to the thousands of fleeing families. Ghazaleh’s mother tells Brother Sabé she would like her children to go back to school because that is the only way for them to be independent.

The Marist Brothers bring assistance to refugees thanks to the ‘Emergenza Siria‘ program, supported by the Marist International Solidarity Foundation, which brings food, drinking water, clothes and above all a warm welcome, education and comfort to children like Ghazaleh who continue to arrive in desperate conditions.

Pope Francis in Bari recalled this interminable ‘night of the Middle East in agony’, where the scourge of war reaps victims among the poor, a plague that can be cured by eradicating poverty. But above all, by listening to the “cry of children” and “drying their tears”, as Brother Sabé and the Blue Marists are doing.

Ghazaleh is 10. If she had lived in another country, she would now be attending fifth grade


Source: Città nuova

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