Marist Community Center in Jérémie

The Marist Brothers of the Jérémie community are striving for the recovery and reintegration into the governmental school system (primary education) of children/adolescents who for various reasons have abandoned or have been removed from this process.

This Center is designed, in addition to favoring the reintegration and recovery of children in difficulty from an educational point of view, also to be able to conduct refresher courses on teaching methods in favor of local teachers.

The Center will be an important reference for the following population: 600 children and young people aged between 6 and 25 for school support, literacy, catechism, promotion of socio-cultural activities; 60 local teachers for retraining courses; and 50 women for literacy activities.

The project aimed to supporting young people in developing countries. It is known that the humanitarian catastrophe in this region is still far from being reconstructed.

The Caracolie-Jérémie community sees the presence of the Marist Brothers from the early 1980s in the field of school education and support for the neediest families. In the current socio-political context of the country the need to provide assistance to the population is even more evident and necessary. In this context the above project is born.

The project involves the completion of a simple building structure on two adjacent blocks, having the same overall cubature. In particular:

– a block on two levels to be used as a training facility (Training Center) with “essential logistic services” attached;

– a block on one level to be used as a sports / cultural structure.

The surface of the land, including the open spaces, is equal to 1.605 square meters.

The project has been funded by CEI (Conferenza Episcopale Italiana) for a total amount of 71.000,00 Euros to cover the cost of equipment required to fit the facility.

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