On March 15th in Rubi, Catalonia, it took place the annual meeting of the 14 social works of the Hermitage province.
This network takes care of a thousand children, youngsters and their families, in centres where the young people can spend some time or live.

Around a 100 educators took part to this event called “Defending the rights of the children: an essential element of our mission”.

With the presence of the authorities, both secular and ecclesiastic, it was deepened the importance of preventing gross violations such as sexual abuse and promoting in full the human rights of children and adolescents.

FMSI was invited to have their say with an important expert from the UN, Dr. Jorge Cardona, and 2 teenagers who attended the Centro Abierto Compartir in el Pinar, Rubì, Chaima Farzouz and Siham Azzaouyat.

According to Mr Cadorna, in the social sphere the challenge should be “to eradicate poverty, but not as usually intended: the lack of access to health and education are also a form of poverty and here we have to put in place our social action”.
Br. Alvaro Sepulveda, FMSI, insisted on the concept of “promoting a good treatment and protection able to empower the children and not smother them. This means to protect them and respecting their human rights”.

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