Volunteer for the Fratelli Project in Lebanon

Tell us about yourself, Zeina

My name is Zeina, I am Lebanese and I am a teacher in technical education specializations (teaching diploma (technique supérieure: preschool and primary education and specialized education) I am a technical referent and advisor in education in a non-profit organization Lebanese (NGO Alpha ) and Arabic consultant for a program in Chad (Promouvoir la qualité de l’enseignement au Chad) with Enfants du Monde Suisse (international NGO). In my free time, I have been volunteering in Fratelli Project since 2016 and currently I am with the community of Marist Brothers.

What experience bonds you to FMSI? What is your relationship with FMSI?

The experience that binds me with FMSI: the solidarity to help the people in need all over the world. So, I met FMSI through the Fratelli Project.

For you, what are the principles of equity, non-discrimination, solidarity and justice? Why are they important to you?

Equity and non-discrimination are two fundamental principles of human rights law. Justice and equity are inseparable values. Solidarity emanates from the action taken by one person with another to change something. A person in solidarity can act in an equitable way. And if we want a more equitable world, we must act in solidarity with those who whose lives are hard. Be an actor of change to help victims of injustice.

Do you feel close to FMSI’s values ​​and Mission?

I feel close to the maximum of the values of the FMSI mission to respond to needs and promote social justice. Today, global equity generally serves as a starting point for thinking about equity. According to these approaches, there can be no reasonably equitable society as long as the global society is dominated by injustice and inequality. Solidarity also requires a reference group. And the range is even wider. It ranges from solidarity within the family, friends, colleagues to solidarity with the poor of developing Countries, refugees and victims of exploitation, all people in the world who need help and support.

It is important to start by promoting equity in certain areas at the local level. In terms of solidarity, it is necessary to think of a community with a common background of experience, to guarantee the share of empathy and generosity. FMSI in its actions and projects meets my personal expectations in the areas of assistance, support, education, development, empowerment, wellbeing, etc.

How important are these values ​​in raising a child?

Values are related to an individual’s behavior. They can become a source of fullness and satisfaction. Educating about values is a way to ensure they become tolerant, respectful, and responsible adults. The need to educate in values to the measure of the social, economic crisis that we are going through is imposed to all actors of the society, but the challenge is great as well. The main obstacle that we are facing is how to introduce the principles and value on educators and society.

How would you describe FMSI?

Protection, education, development, diversity

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