The Board of FMSI held an extraordinary meeting on Wednesday 26 May. During the meeting, the Board thanked Andrea Rossi for accepting the position of Director during this significant time of change for FMSI. The purpose of the meeting was to reflect on the new Third Sectors laws in Italy which will have an impact on the management and governance of FMSI.

The Board is formed by Br. Ken McDonald (Chair), from the General Council; Inmaculada Maillo (Board Secretary), from Spain; Br. Allen Sherry, from Australia; Analia Ruggeri from Argentina; Br. Pascal Birken, from Ghana; and Br. Libardo Garzón, Bursar General.

The pandemic has changed the nature of these meetings. Previously the Board held two-day meetings which gave ample time for reflection and sharing before making decisions. During these times, the meetings are by Zoom and are usually much shorter. With Board members from different parts of the world with differing time zones, meetings often require some members to rise very early or to wait up till very late. This means a great deal of generosity and commitment on the part of the members of the Board.

The board was informed about the compliance processes currently in progress: the adaptation to the new legge del terzo settore which led to the drafting of the first Bilancio Sociale of FMSI; but also the conformity to the GDPR and the 231 law which required some re-organization.

The Board will continue to work towards compliance with the new regulations in Italy. This will ensure that FMSI can continue to provide a much-needed service to the children throughout the Institute by funding projects that develop the potential of children, especially those who are the most vulnerable and marginalized, through education, advocacy for Child Rights and solidarity initiatives.

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