FMSI signed this declaration that asks States and the International Community to put in practice measures in favor of migrants and refugees.

These focal areas are very important for us. Education and skills: Act to provide quality education and developmental care for all children, improve student mobility, learning opportunities and recognition of skills and qualifications. The rights of children and primary consideration for sustainable solutions in children’s best interests in all policies, decisions and actions as detailed in the ‘Child Rights in the Global Compacts’ document.

This document was developed by the civil society and widely supported; it proposes a set of goals, targets, and timelines for rights-based protection and assistance to children in the context of migration across six key priorities: non-discrimination, best interests of the child, child protection, child immigration detention, access to services and sustainable solutions in children’s best interests.

FMSI took part in the global conference “Children on the Move” (12-13 June 2017, Berlin) where this document was discussed and approved.

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