“A Nuevo Horizonte para mi barrio” is the Marist association of Huelva that offers help to migrants and people in need.

“A Nuevo Horizonte para mi barrio” is a Marist initiative that offers its services to migrants and those in need who live in a suburb of the city of Huelva in Spain. Some of its activities are educational support, language training for immigrants and school for parents.

The collective lives in the district of Pérez Cubillas de Huelva (Spain), a neighborhood strongly in need of social transformation. It is aimed at children between 6 and 14 years old, teenagers and young people between 14 and 21 years old and immigrants of different nationalities over 16 years, with scarce resources
who live in a shantytown, who have problems with drug addiction and who have no access to cultural and recreational activities; as well as families of minors who wish to orient themselves in the education of their children (aged between 25 and 70).

The activities of Nuevo Horizonte

Nuevo Horizonte is involved in preventing absenteeism and school failure, helping migrants in the social and cultural integration of the city, family intermediation, helping young people with problems and promoting social coexistence.

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