It’ s time for reporting!

With great satisfaction, we published the two reports on the use of the 5 per mille contributions received last year with reference to the choices of our supporters in the years 2018 and 2019.

Following an internal evaluation process, aimed at ensuring the transparency of the allocations, all the funds received were used to implement and support two specific projects.

The 5 per mille contribution for 2018, which amounted to € 6,754.80, supported the project “Drinking water, solar panels and a clinic room” in the small town of Betroka, Madagascar. In an area which is particularly marked by severe drought, where even access to electricity is extremely rare, the lack of drinking water affects both the health and school attendance of children and young people.

 Thanks to some technical renovations to the Saint Vincent de Paul school, it has been possible to ensure access to drinking water and better sanitary conditions for hundreds of children and their families. The new photovoltaic panels have also enabled a water pump to function and a power supply for the school’s computers.  This was also very important for enabling informal education activities to be carried out, thus enabling a wider number of beneficiaries to be reached. Thanks to the funds received, it has been possible to make a significant contribution to improving the living conditions of around 1,500 children and young people. 

The 5 per mille contribution for 2019, which amounted to €7,012.23, supported the “Training the new generation” project in South Sudan, with a specific action within the more extensive Solidarity with South Sudan programme (launched in 2008 thanks to the cooperation between several religious congregations, public bodies and private partners). The programme aims to promote sustainable educational, health and agricultural institutions and programmes to enable the development of a fair and peaceful community. Particular attention is paid to sustainable agriculture, teacher training and nursing and midwifery training The funds allocated to the project have enabled training courses for new teachers, involving a total of 99 participants from all over the country. These are professional training courses in primary education, held at the Solidarity Teacher Training College in Yambio, with specific focus on teaching and communication methods for the most vulnerable children with learning difficulties, on gender equality and on the ability to be active agents of change in society. At the end of their studies, students are evaluated according to national standards, set by the Ministry of Education. Once certified to teach in primary schools, they can return to their communities, playing a significant role in the education of children and the transmission of knowledge and skills to other teachers.

We would like to warmly thank all those who have decided to support the values and aims of FMSI through this means, underlining once again how important and incisive a small action can be.

You can consult all the reports on 5 per mille in the archive on our website.

Help us to make a difference again. Your contribution will go a long way!

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