07FMSI together with BICE and the Catholic University of Milan continues to carry on its work of training on resilience dedicated to young people. Thus, from November 9 to 11 a course was held in Spain for young people and social workers, held by Brother Juan Carlos Fuerte of the Mediterranean District and Álvaro Sepúlveda of FMSI.

A group of 12 young people – aged 15 to 21 years – was in Córdoba for 3 days to share an experience aimed at working in favor of the rights and welfare of children and young people at risk of social exclusion.

The aim of the intervention is to provide young people with tools to improve first of all their ability to overcome trauma and suffering and then become resilient agents in their peer group in their environment. The initiative is part of the project ‘Tutori di Resilienza’ that since 2017 has also taken place in Lebanon and Syria.

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