Our 5×1000 supports vulnerable families in Aleppo. 

In 2021, 328 of you chose to donate their 5×1000 to our Foundation. We at FMSI have decided, as we do every year, to support those who are in the greatest need of help and support.  The Syrian population has been burdened for years by the severe consequences of a wearisome war that has led to a humanitarian crisis; among the most serious repercussions, the continuous depreciation of the local currency has led to increasing inflation, exacerbating the already high food insecurity. This is how more than 12 million people, nearly 60 percent of the total population, survive with the uncertainty of being able to eat a basic daily meal. There are millions of displaced people in Syria, and those who remain, barely have access to enough food to survive. 

More than a decade after the beginning of the conflict, Syria’s humanitarian situation has reached dramatic peaks: war, displacement and a long-standing fragility of the economic system are at the root of the enormous poverty the country suffers.  

For these people, for these families, your contribution has taken on an inestimable value.  

In fact, the 5×1000 donation allowed us to finance in December 2022 the food parcels. These baskets were distributed in the city of Aleppo by the Blue Marists, who have chosen, despite the ongoing war, to stay and provide assistance to the thousands of displaced families, both through the distribution of food parcels, hygiene products and clothing and by supporting medical care for the sick and wounded who would not have been able to be cared for otherwise, given the overcrowding in the hospitals. We also want to emphasize the significant importance, from an emotional point of view, of the moment of encounter and dialogue that people were able to exchange with the volunteers during the food distribution, a moment that was able to rekindle in them hope in humanity. 

The food distribution helped 811 families, both Christian and Muslim, in conditions of extreme vulnerability, reaching a total of 3,025 people, including many children.  If this was possible, it is thanks to you.  And what we can say is: three hundred and twenty-eight times THANK YOU!    

“How much does a tear weigh? It depends: the tear of a capricious child weighs less than the wind, that of a hungry child weighs more than all the earth.” G. Rodari

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