Avvenire tells the life of the refugees, supported thanks to Humanity Campaign created by the Focsiv NGO and supported by FMSI.

A trip to Lebanon of 4 million inhabitants of which almost 2 million are refugees. A look at who had to start over from having left Syria or Iraq. A journey, however, also to get to know those who work with refugees, such as the Blue Marists.

A journey to know places, such as the “Fratelli” social-educational center in Rmeyleh, born “for Syrian refugees: tens of thousands since 2012 when the civil war started”, explains Brother Miquel Cubeles, Marist. Refugees collected from the streets with a minibus in front of the “shelters” where they lived. Now the children have an education and a place to grow up. All this thanks also to the Humanity 2017/18 campaign, which also includes FMSI.


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