Every year since 1970, 22 April is World Earth Day, an event designed to raise global awareness on the importance of natural resources, climate change and pollution. It is the largest environmental event dedicated to the protection of the planet, attracting the attention of all the world’s cultures and generations and mobilising more than a billion people in the 193 Countries of the UN. Each year, Earth Day addresses a specific theme. The year 2022 is dedicated to the theme “Investing in our Planet” with the aim of finding solutions to combat climate change and activating governments, citizens and enterprises to do their part.
FMSI recognizes future generations’ right to enjoy this Earth that is the support of the history of humanity, the culture and social bonds of each generation and each individual. Each generation, receiving it’s the partial inheritance of the Earth’s area, has a duty of administering for the future generations; it has to prevent all irreversible violations of human freedom and dignity.

The Foundation cares about the protection and equitable sharing of natural resources, convinced that the Earth is a common good to be protected, and aware of the impact that the use of resources has on the lives of communities; it therefore commits to avoiding any negative effect on the environment and the community where it operates. All members of the Foundation are to use resources in a responsible, diligent and optimizing manner in order to avoid waste and ostentation and to ensure greater respect for the environment in a sustainable development perspective.
Every action we take has an impact on our planet and on future generations.
The future belongs to children: let’s protect our Planet for them.

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