To equip Marist religious and lay personnel with the skills and knowledge needed to make a lasting impact, FMSI (Marist International Solidarity Foundation ETS), in collaboration with the Secretariat of Solidarity of the Marist Institute and AMS (Australian Marist Solidarity) organized a training program on Project Cycle Management and Fundraising. 

This fundamental course, scheduled from November 9 to November 30, 2023, is designed to provide participants with the essential tools required to excel in the fields of project management and fundraising. 

The primary objective of the training program is to offer Marists, both religious and lay, a comprehensive understanding of Project Cycle Management and the art of crafting compelling project proposals for international organizations and potential donors. 

The training program adopted a holistic approach, balancing theoretical knowledge with practical applications. The curriculum was meticulously crafted to ensure participants acquire practical skills for project proposal writing, management, and effective communication, all while adhering to international standards and requirements. 

As an essential part of the program, attendees will become proficient in the tools needed to prepare high-quality projects.

The course is not limited to theory: participants also developed project planning and monitoring skills through engaging in presentations, group discussions, learning strategies, and practical exercises. This multifaceted approach equipped Marists with the tools and confidence to undertake projects that drive positive change. 

The training program was more than just a learning experience; it aims to foster a sense of community and collaboration among participants. It provided a platform for networking, enabling attendees to establish connections and engage in dialogue with fellow trainees. By creating this space for dialogue and interaction, participants explored and expanded on various aspects covered during the course, potentially leading to future collaboration on solidarity programs and activities. 

The training program was open to Marist Brothers and lay individuals from Marist Provinces in Asia, from Syria and Madagascar. Participants were project managers within their respective Province, Sector, or NGOs. 

This training also served as an invaluable opportunity for younger religious and lay individuals to learn about the project cycle and develop their skill sets. 

The training program was designed to strike a balance between theory and practice. Notably, all speakers have experience in managing training courses for the benefit of Marist Missions. 

This training program was a unique opportunity for Marists to enhance their project management and fundraising capabilities, ultimately contributing to the betterment of communities, NGOs, and solidarity offices across Asia. 

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