With the covid-19 epidemic and the preventive measures to limit the spread of the disease, many people are left alone and have not the means to have food because they are old, bedridden, sick or very poor. The Blue Marists have identified around 100 people in such situation in Aleppo: people living in very poor social economic conditions who are suffering most from this situation and they have seen drastically reduced the opportunities for a subsistence income or a help for their basic needs.

The program supported by Misean Cara aims at assisting these very fragile elderlies during the period of covid-19 epidemic with distribution of food and other goods. 5 displaced women who are good in cooking and a man who will do the shopping of the alimentary products have been selected. These 6 people will work under the supervision of Mrs. Leyla Antaki Moussalli, one of the 3 leaders of the Blue Marists.


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