The 5×1000 is a tax return that the Italian government distributes among organizations carrying out socially relevant activities. Eligible organizations are involved in activities of social interest, voluntary work or scientific research. To donate your 5×1000 to an association, simply indicate its tax code on your income tax return form. FMSI has been a recipient of the 5×1000 since 2008 and, just to provide an example, the figures for the latest years are shown below:

  • Year 2016, n. 109 Supporters: € 6,236.26 amount collected;
  • Year 2017, no. 115 Supporters: € 6,415.96 amount collected;
  • Year 2018, no. 115 Supporters: € 6,754.80 amount collected;
  • Year 2019, no. 95 Supporters: € 7,012.23 amount collected;
  • Year 2020, no. 59 Supporters: € 4,983.64 amount collected;

Funds donated to FMSI were applied to several of our  projects, for instance:

One Dollar for Breakfast – Un desayuno para un niño = un dolar’ in Caracas, Venezuela. The recipients were children from economically vulnerable families suffering from severe malnutrition and its associated physical and health consequences. The project, in partnership with the Marist Brothers of Venezuela, aimed to provide breakfast daily to children studying at six popular free schools run by the Marist Brothers, for the duration of the school year. 

“School manteinance – Renovation of the sanitation and other facilities at Bilene Marist schools” in Bilene, Mozambique. The project enabled the renovation of the school’s toilets, which were in a poor state of repair, and the repainting of the school buildings. The Marist school in Bilene is located in a very poor rural area, where basic services are lacking. It is the only secondary school in the area, along with six primary schools, for a high number of children and young people. The school’s 1023 students, both boys and girls, come from economically vulnerable families, who live from fishing and subsistence farming. The school supports itself with state aid and through very low fees that the students pay according to their income. Thanks to the project, the school can offer an improved learning environment and adequate health facilities for the high number of students. 

“Training new generation in South Sudan” implemented in Yambio in South Sudan. The project, which is part of the broader ‘Solidarity with South Sudan’ programme, supported the training programme for local primary school teachers with young people from all parts of the country, including minorities and students from refugee camps on the borders with the country. The students from the course are then employed as Primary school teachers in schools in their home villages or in other areas where there is a shortage of teaching staff.  

 Since 2021, FMSI staff has been realigned to devote part of its energies to a real awareness-raising campaign to raise funds through the 5×1000. The Foundation relies on the contacts of the individuals working at FMSI which makes it possible to establish a direct relationship between potential donors and the Foundation itself . An appreciable improvement was achieved as FMSI provided its activities and aims to each potential donor. FMSI donors could observe that FMSI  work was based on the optimization of resources for the total benefit of the most needy through its projects, as well as maximum transparency.  This has been the most important key element in terms of credibility of FMSI – The Foundation , keeping its supporters constantly informed about the Projects realized thanks to the 5×1000 contribution through summary sheets and dedicated communications. 

FMSI is particularly pleased to share the encouraging result obtained for the year 2021:

In 2021, the number of FMSI supporters reached a total of 328, for a total amount € 18,750.82

Sincere thanks to all of you. 

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