Nabil and the Blue Marists in Syria

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Taken from the article of Chiara Zappa published in Mondo e Missione The doctor Nabil Antaki, after the outbreak of the Syrian conflicts ten years ago, decided to embark himself…

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FMSI Board Meeting

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The Board of FMSI held an extraordinary meeting on Wednesday 26 May. During the meeting, the Board thanked Andrea Rossi for accepting the position of Director during this significant time…

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By launching the first 2020 Bilancio Sociale, we are writing an important page in the history of FMSI.After nearly fifteen years of operation, all FMSI staff are now committed to…


New project in Zambia

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The St. Marcellin Skills Training Center (Chibuluma Kalulusha) - Zambia, the vocational training center founded by the Marist Brothers, offers training in carpentry, tailoring, ICT and hospitality to young people…

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